Speak Your Heart!

This blog is about Interviews of Popular Pakistani Celebrities and their journey of life.

These interview seems so unique because incidents of their life are describe in depth.After like ages these interviews does not revolve around typical questionnaires but they are invigorating and soulful.

So I am talking about Speak your Heart with Samina Peerzada.

Finally some mind blowing,well researched and non-judgmental  show which is all about discovering different phases of life.Celebs laughed and cried in all this one session. Insight about their life challenges will give you some life learning lessons that you  can apply in your life also.We can all relate to each other when talking about how to tackle tough issues .Most favorite ones of mine are:

  • The one with Saieen Zahoor
  • The one with Nabila

I found their talk to be precise and yet there is something really unusual that they wanted to be successful but not for worldly things yet to bring a change in society and to spread the message of love,kindness and evolution.Yet the one with Juggun Kazim is highly recommendable also.Juggun is one of my favorite Tv host.Her morning show is down to earth and connects to reality of life.

Here are the links of some of the interviews:

That’t it for now! Watch,learn and enjoy.(There are many more also)

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