It’s Bake and Eat time!!!!!


Dutch Pancake!!!

OMG not regular pancakes,the dutch ones,what’s new in that?

Well let’s begin with the ingredients!!

Butter:  3 tablespoons


Flour:3/4th  cup

Sugar: 1/4th cup

Milk: 3/4th cup milk-Warm

And now the procedure………..

Pre-heat your oven to 150 degrees C.

Mix together eggs with milk and add in vanilla extract.

When the foam appears,start adding flour little by little,add pinch of salt too.There should be no lumps and the mixture should be smooth and foamy.

Melt the butter,coat your non-stick pan with the butter and add the remaining to batter of pancake.

Now pour the batter into the pan and slide it into the oven for 20-25mins.When you see the golden brown edges,remove from oven.

By the help of spatula remove it from the pan and shift it to yours favorite serving dish.

Garnish it with your favorite syrup Chocó or maple one, or jam or just drizzle the powdered sugar.

There you go,,,,,,Enjoy with tea or coffee.

PS.Tried and tested and it was good 😛

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