Friday-Gratitude Day!


Asalam O alaikum buddies!  

Since Friday is one of the most religious day for all muslims around the world and we pay special attention towards Qurans and prayer,so today I will be posting precise summary about Surah Al-Waqiah.

It is said that Surah al waiqah should be recited daily if you want to have increment in your wealth or provision,like getting a job or to straighten the business issues.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


It was revealed in Makkah having 96 ayats  it’s literal menaing is The Event which is referred to day of Judgment which can also be called Final day of this World.

As we ponder on the translation of this Surah,Allah has guided in a way that there will be  3 categories of human beings on final day.Book of record given to those on right hand will enter jannah and left hand ones will enter Hell and the third category will be the ones who were foremost in acceptance of Islamic Faith and performed their duties righteously and there will be no questioning to them.

There will be different levels in Jannah for the ones who are granted the entrance into Jannah.Luxusries will differ.Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and his companions will be at the highest level of Jannah.

Punishments in hell has been described in this Surah for the one who are disbelievers and it will be their penalty to rot in hell.Punishment such hot boiling water to drink and they will be thrown into blazing fire.

Conclusion-In the last verses it is advised us to read quran and not show laziness towards reciting it.
As I have got the main idea from the translation analysis is that when we are frustrated as when our needs or wants not being fulfilled,we should not focus on gains or losses of this world.Allah mentioned about the environment of the Hell and Paradise so that we got ourselves on the right path and not to be saddened about this dunya.We are the ones who has the ability to make right choice that either to follow path of allah and his prophets or follow the satanic path.This dunya is temporary and we have been given limited time to choose the forever.

This is very short summary as there many more things have been revealed in this Surah and I would recommend you to read it’s translation by yourself.

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