Hola! Everyone


This blog space is woman for all ages,well particular for girls in 20’s but everyone is welcomed her.I will be posting about all aspects of life that is related to all of us.

Well cut the slack and it will be all cool and open minded stuff posted here Insha allah.So the categories will be:

  1. Career Counselling-How to choose and channelize your field
  2. C.V Writing help-From Cv writing to Job search
  3. Relationship counselling-For every type of relationship.
  4. Girly health issues-You know very well what I mean.
  5. Cooking and baking-how can girls live with out it!!
  6. Reviews of the latest Tv shows and movies-well the ones I will watch or have watched 😛
  7. Latest fashion blogs related to adopt moderate and simple life style
  8. Islamic blogs
  9. Mental health issues-Extremely important……..
  10. Hilarious blogs about everyday happenings of life.

You will all have good time here,,,Insha allah for sure.


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